PPC specialist - senior

We are looking for a PPC specialist (senior) for Ostrava Placement

Isn't that you? 🙂

Read the details.

Are you an experienced PPC specialist, who has Google Ads and Sklik in the palm of your hand, knows how to plan business strategies and quickly navigates through accounts with dozens of campaigns?

Congratulations! And if you want, we'd love to have you on the team. 🙂

Are you hesitant and need a clearer idea of what's in store for you? Here it is.

What you'll be doing:

  • Manage PPC campaigns with hundreds of thousands of dollars of investment per month.
  • Communicate with client - discuss long-term goals, plan seasonal campaigns, report results.
  • Test new campaign types and other features that will be added to PPC systems.
  • Keep up to date and gather know-how at conferences or online training sessions.
  • Process audits of accounts as part of the enquiry process.

Who you should be:

  • An accomplished PPCer who has a few years of "clicking" under their belt, but still wants to get better at it.
  • An enthusiastic follower of new developments not only in performance advertising but marketing in general.
  • A reliable player who meets deadlines.
  • A partner for long-term fair cooperation.
  • A cool guy who can make fun of himself sometimes.

What we offer you:

  • A fair salary growing with your experience and a benefits card.
  • A cool job without boring invoicing and chasing non-paying clients.
  • Time freedom - we all meet in the office Monday to Thursday between 9am and 3pm. Where and when you do the rest of the work is up to you. Plus, we have a home office on Fridays. 
  • Attend conferences and training sessions of your choice.
  • Unlimited coffee, tea, coke, sprite or ice water.
  • Company parties and team building in the form of weekend huts, go-carts, lasergames, bowling and similar attractions.

We're a bunch of crazy guys and gals who enjoy digital marketing. We do the best service in PPC advertising and we are mega good in merchandising, email and SMS marketing, social media management and web analytics.

We help with business for e.g. Mail order, Orfa, D-sport and other interesting clients.

You'll find cryptocurrency geeks, hopeless but striving soccer players, Netflix news devourers, console partiers, a biker and a dog mom among us. 🙂

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